Shamnet Contracting

Shamnet Contracting Est. was founded in 2004 and contributed to the construction growth in the Kingdom, and Provide the best services in the field of contracting for private sector projects.

And the grace of God Almighty and the administrators of this institution and effectively positive cooperation with the management team and technical we are taking steady steps to consolidate a place betwen major construction organizations to keep pace with the conduct of urban growth and development of human resources and competencies necessary for the revival of our beloved Kingdom and experiences.


The organization has a large cadre of whom experienced engineers, technical specialists administrators and University graduates and this is what helped in the implementation of our projects (palaces and villas and shopping malls and gas stations and warehouses) with high efficiency and with the footprint of our own situation.
with a special section we have the scientific expertise and technical process in the field of intelligent control buildings (SMART HOME)

Our Aims

  • Implement the required best competitive quality projects.
  • Contributing to the provision of practical and scientific and technical expertise.
  • The pursuit of international quality standards and qualified local cadres.

Vision of future

Shamnet  Contracting Est Developed businessman ambitious plan focuses on the potential of the company, through

Occupy the top position among the contracting institutions by carrying out construction works at high speed and specifications

The use of modern technology and methods in the projects rather than traditional methods

The introduction of modern systems and processes to ensure the quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction

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